Save Raw Materials – Ensure Quality

We help industries optimise and save raw materials during production whilst ensuring the highest quality standards, via our high-speed and intelligent monitoring systems.

The world’s first scalable platform for quality control

From measuring process parameters (grammage, thickness, humidity) to detecting defects & contaminants, our systems operate inline, in real-time, at any production step, and for 100% of products.

Vision of the Invisible – Analysis of the Invisible

We have developed a breakthrough non-destructive imaging and sensing system using Terahertz Vision and Artificial Intelligence that is ultra-scalable and ultra-compact with intelligent data analysis and management.

Transforming the world of Quality Production
Non-Destructive - Inline - Real-Time


fibres, polymers, leather,
textiles, lotions within products


materials, distribution,
defects & humidity within products


Correlate and analyse
quality and process data


Report to operators
& feedback to production lines

Quality Control & Imaging Solutions
inline and in-lab systems

Inline Quality Solutions

We help personal care and hygiene brands ensure their production quality and improve their raw-materials usage.

Terahertz Systems for Research

We provide measurement instruments and software for material scientists and engineers, Terahertz and Vision researchers, as well as Quality Control laboratories.

Material Testing Services

We provide R&D, testing and analysis services at our state-of-the-art testing facilities in Grenoble, France.

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