distributed quality control

From measuring process parameters (grammage, thickness, humidity) to detecting defects & contaminants, our systems operate inline, in real-time, at any production step, and for 100% of products.

Sensing & Vision within materials

Our intelligent camera systems qualify and monitor your products quality and process parameters, regardless whether they are visible or invisible, at high speeds, and for any machine width.

Featuring the Invisible

We have developed a breakthrough non-destructive imaging and sensing system using Terahertz vision and Artificial Intelligence that is ultra-scalable and ultra-compact with intelligent data analysis and management.

Seamless Authentication

Track, Trace and Authenticate products instantly.

We are transforming quality control
from raw materials to end products

Personal-Care and Hygiene

Luxury Products and Cosmetics

Pharmaceutical products

Performance Materials

We Control Quality on the fly
at each production step

Distributed Inspection

No Sampling, No end of line Control. Total Inspection.

Product Authentication

Tracking and Tracing products throughout their lifecycle.

Meet the Next Generation of machine vision
Terahertz Vision - Artificial Intelligence


Detect defects, contaminants, features
within products, inline & in real-time


fully measure basis-weight,
distribution & humidity of products


at any production step,
any machine width


generate, analyse, & report
data to operators & machines

TiHive Technologies
Featuring the Invisible

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