Inspect quality on the fly

Real-time and total non-destructive inspection, at each production step.

Reduce waste

Optimise resources and raw materials by continuous quality monitoring.

Seamless Authentication

Track, Trace and Authenticate products instantly

Featuring the Invisible

We are a high-tech startup revolutionising imaging and sensing using Terahertz vision and Artificial Intelligence.

We are Changing the way inspection works
from raw materials to end products

Textiles & Composites

Luxury Products

Security and Authentication

nonwoven products

We Inspect on the fly
at each production step

Distributed Inspection

We help producers of non-wovens, textiles, plastics, composites, and leather products detect defects and qualify production at each step. Using our innovative distributed non-destructive inspection technology, our miniature systems enable quality monitoring inline and in real-time. Our NDT team is happy to discuss, please reach us at:

Product Authentication

We help companies authenticate their products across the supply chain. TiHive provides a miniature track & trace and anti-counterfeiting service, without the need of tags. For more information please contact us at:

Meet the Next Generation of vision
Terahertz Vision - Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Inspection

density, humidity,
contaminants, defects

Vision of the Invisible

Seeing through nonwovens,
textiles, plastics, composites

Image Recognition

Artificial Intelligence
& Machine Learning


plug & play modules,
any machine width

TiHive Technologies
Featuring the Invisible
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If you want to learn more about how our solution works or how it could work with your system requirements, please contact us by email or by phone using the contact details below.


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