Instant inspection

Detect defects in real-time & anywhere on a production line.

Scalable Brand Protection

Authenticate products instantly by deciphering invisible features.

Featuring the Invisible

TiHive Technologies is a high-tech startup revolutionising inline inspection using Terahertz imaging and sensing. We develop state-of-the-art miniature and scalable systems fully based on advanced Silicon technologies, and augmented by artificial intelligence.

The Most Advanced Terahertz Solution

Vision of the Invisible

using Terahertz light

Instant Inspection

100% capture rate

Compact & Scalable

plug & play modules


Image recognition

Our offer

Distributed Inspection

TiHive sells distributed & miniature non-destructive THz inspection systems to equip plastic, composite, leather, and textile production lines.

Product Authentication

TiHive provides a miniature anti-counterfeiting and track & trace service, without the need of tags. Our readers authenticate products instantly.

Our Inspection Applications

Textiles & Composites

Postal Services

Luxury Products

Security and Authentication

TiHive Technologies
Featuring the Invisible
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