Earlier this week, we had the pleasure of sharing very exciting news with the world. TiHive Technologies has secured €8.6 million in funding to industrialize its compact see-through machine vision solution. This announcement represents a key milestone for our company, and by extension, to all of our partners in industry. as it will allow us to get accelerate the development of detection algorithms for our clients and to produce and deploy our system reliably and at a large scale.

Our CEO, Hani Sherry, had the chance to share his vision for the company and our technology live on BFM Business, France’s largest Business News network (see clip, above). During the interview, Dr. Sherry discussed the industry challenges diaper manufacturers face with respect to material waste and leakage issues, and how TiHive Technology will drastically improve production efficiency and quality, once deployed in production lines. The interview was also an opportunity to showcase TiHive’s technological edge: The Terahertz Camera that Dr. Sherry shows towards the end of the video is made and assembled in France and is the most compact of its kind, a key requirement for seamless integration in the often tight spaces of assembly lines.

If you wish to access our most recent press release for diffusion purposes, please contact pr@tihive.com