Monitoring Super Absorbent Polymers Grammage and Distribution

Getting the dosage right

Baby diapers, femcare pads, and incontinence diapers require perfect dosage of super absorbent polymers and materials (SAP / SAM).

Over-dosage leads to millions of dollars of extra-raw materials and thousands of tonnes of extra waste. On the other hand, under-dosage of SAP / SAM leads to malfunctioning hygiene products. It is very difficult to measure SAP quantities and distribution in real-time, and industries currently resort to sampling techniques that give lagging and partial information.

Monitoring SAP usage and dosage-quality in real-time

TiHive’s breakthrough monitoring system uses its proprietary Terahertz camera system and artificial intelligence (AI) for real-time measurement of super absorbent polymers (SAP) quantities and distribution.

Our state-of-the-art quality monitoring solution merges the worlds of Terahertz imaging and machine-learning, allowing for agile quality management. Our compact systems integrate seamlessly within production lines, operate at production speeds, and for any production line widths. We support production speeds up to 1200 diapers per minute, any product size, and any SAP quantities. Customers will receive real-time SAP quantity information and SAP distribution samples.

Ecological, Economical and Societal Impacts

Monitoring SAP dosage and distribution in real time means enabling manufacturers to produce excellent quality baby-care, fem-care and adult-care products that create positive societal impact, at a better price-point and lower environmental effects.

We believe that our solution goes beyond economical savings, by supporting renowned global brands in their drive to empower societies through improving their quality of life.

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