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Inline Quality Control

Most quality control technologies offer only post-production inspection capabilities, at speeds lower than production throughputs.

TiHive Vision and Mission

TiHive’s instant inspection technology allows for inline defect and contaminant detection as well as process monitoring.

Our compact systems integrate at each production step, operate at production speeds, and for any production line widths.

With our distributed systems, our customers cut down on raw material costs, decrease waste, and boost production quality and yield.

TiHive has developed a state-of-the-art solution based on the Terahertz light and machine-learning, allowing for a superior quality management.

Better Quality, Less Waste

Contaminants often enter into the production lines leading to product quality deterioration, health and safety risks, and and production yield reduction.

Process Variability is another culprit of production costs increases, especially in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) market. Variations in grammage (basis-weight), thickness, distribution, humidity levels, amongst other, are key metrics that lead to overheads in production.

Terahertz Light: Vision of the Invisible

Terahertz waves, or T-Light, are low energy electromagnetic waves. T-Light sees through many materials such as non-wovens, textiles, paper, plastic and leather. Terahertz light has no dangerous impact on the human, as opposed to X-Rays.

Terahertz will enable numerous new applications from high-speed and secure telecommunications (such as 5G and 6G) to non-invasive medical imaging such as cancer detection.

TiHive is the first company in the world that enables industrial grade Terahertz imaging destined for distributed and large-scale applications.

Imaging Valley Grenoble TiHive 2020

TiHive Technologies- Featuring the Invisible

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