Testing Services – Industrial R&D

“Terahertz can see some amazing things…but will it fit my company’s needs?”

You already know that Terahertz waves can see through matter.

You already know that TiHive is featuring the invisible: using THz and AI to detect defects and to track the presence and use of raw materials.

You already know that you are losing money because there are defects and wastage that your existing system cannot detect…“but will TiHive work for me?”

A Broad Range of Applications and Compatible Materials

✓ Humidity & Moisture✓ Plastics & Polymers
✓ Thickness✓ Performance Fabrics
✓ Density✓ Leather
✓ Defects & Contaminants
-Down to 0.5mm
-Including metal!
✓ Ceramics & Natural Materials
✓ Authentication and sorting✓ Food & Organic Matter

“We created this service to give decision-makers seeking to prevent or resolve a manufacturing quality or waste issue a way to accelerate the discovery and implementation process for a Terahertz solution, where other solutions fail to deliver the required impact. Any industry is a candidate, provided that testing is feasible”.

Marc Stoerr, Marketing & Business Director, TiHive
X-RayVisualOther THz Imagers
The famous see-through technology but
too dangerous, too slow, too expensive, too bulky and too powerful to see subtle variations
Cameras can see surface issues, but that’s it. The moisture, thickness, density of a material and the contaminants underneath its surface layer are undetectableSo many companies and laboratories work on Terahertz but they all use laser-based or expensive technologies (TDS, Spectroscopes, III-V) that all look like and are as slow as X-ray machines

Clear Offering, Transparent Process

TiHive provides a non-destructive see-through analytical scanning service, powered by TiHive’s state-of-the-art Terahertz technology and advanced AI algorithms. Finally, researchers and manufacturers can seize the power of Terahertz Machine Vision to unlock the hidden features in plastic, textile, and non-woven products with a fast, flexible, and goal-driven approach.

How it works – Express

  1. Book an exploration session by filling out the form above. A TiHive R&D expert will guide you – you’re in great hands!
  2. During meeting: we screen for compatibility and give you an overview of process, material requirements, time, and cost
  3. Your team sends the material sample(s) to be tested (as per specification) to our Grenoble Lab
  4. We test your samples using our state-of-the-art, proprietary imaging equipment and AI softare tools and prepare a report
  5. We share our findings with you and make a recommendation as to whether you should pursue a Terahertz imaging-related business case