Inline Monitoring

Current Industrial Challenges in Sustainability and Quality

Most quality control technologies offer only post-production inspection capabilities, at speeds lower than production throughputs.

TiHive is transforming the way quality control is performed. Instead of end of line measurements, TiHive’s quality solutions allow for inline measurements and analysis of production. Our systems detect defects and contaminants and measure raw material quantities and distribution on the fly.

A TiHive Breakthrough Technology after a decade of advanced R&D

We have developed a state-of-the-art quality monitoring solution based on our proprietary miniature see-through Terahertz imaging systems and machine-learning, allowing for a agile quality management. Our compact systems integrate at each production step, operate at production speeds, and for any production line widths.

With our distributed systems, our customers cut down on raw material costs, decrease waste, and boost production quality and yield.

We are currently trialing our monitoring system with leading Luxury, Automotive and Hygiene and Personal-Care brands.

Industries and Use Cases

TiHive addresses the following industries:

Super Absorbent Polymers and Materials (SAP / SAM) for the Hygiene and Personal-Care Industry

Baby diapers, femcare pads, and incontinence diapers require perfect dosage of super absorbent polymers and materials (SAP / SAM).

Over-dosage leads to millions of dollars of extra-raw materials and thousands of tonnes of extra waste. on the other hand, under-dosage of SAP / SAM leads to malfunctioning hygiene products.

Our monitoring systems uses Terahertz and AI for real-time measurement of Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) quantities and distribution, therefore, enabling manufacturers to produce excellent quality baby-care, fem-care and adult-care products that create positive societal impact, at a better price-point and lower environmental effects.

We believe that our solution goes beyond economical savings, by supporting renowned global brands in their drive to empower societies through improving their quality of life.

Surfactants and Lotions

The non-woven industry, supporting the hygiene and personal care industries, cares about measuring the dosage of surfactants and lotions that can transform a non-woven roll from hydrophobic to hydrophilic, and vice-versa. Lack of surfactant within the non woven sheets would lead to leakage in hygiene products such as baby diapers. TiHive’s monitoring system enables full measurement of the surfactant presence within the sheets. Billions of kilometres of non-wovens sheets are produced every year. Our mission is to help the entire hygiene industry to completely eliminate the problem of leakage by detecting what has been previously undetectable. TiHive’s solution is a first of its kind, and the hygiene and personal care industry is holding high hopes on this technological breakthrough.

Quality Mapping of High-end Textiles and Leather for Luxury and Automotive

The luxury and automotive industry producing quality products are in constant need to optimise the usage of leather hides whilst ensuring that the quality of their products are fit to their high standards. Production of leather counts in hundreds of millions per year, and a few percents of optimisation of leather hide areas would lead to significant economic and ecological gains.

TiHive is developing a breakthrough leather mapping solution that uses Terahertz and AI to perfectly map leather quality. Direct benefits would be measured by a reduction in the quantity of leather hides required for manufacturing, as well as at least 50% reduction in operator time needed for leather qualification.

Moreover, TiHive’s monitoring solution allows for inline and offline measurement of the quality of technical and high-end textiles and silk. Measurement of humidity levels, surfactants, or defects are made-possible using our see-through technology.

Pharmaceutical, Tobacco, Automotive and Medical

TiHive’s Terahertz-AI monitoring solutions are applicable to a vast range of industries looking for ways to ensure quality during production and optimise the usage of raw-materials.

Together with our industrial partners around the world, we have identified numerous applications that would have significant impacts on quality and operations. Amongst the strengths of our monitoring solution comes the capacity to:

  • detect visible or invisible contaminants and defects
  • measure humidity or moisture levels
  • measure and map thickness and grammage

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