Inline Quality Solutions

Use cases

Our solutions are perfectly adapted to measuring and optimising:

  • Super Absorbent Polymers Quantities and Distribution
  • Fluff and Cellulose Quantities, Distribution, Contaminants
  • Surfactants and Lotions Quantities and Distribution
  • Leather, Silk Quality and Humidity Levels
  • Composites and Plastic filters Thickness


Our team sums years of expertise in materials, quality, imaging, sensing, and machine-learning. We dedicate our know-how to address the following industries:

  • Hygiene and Personal Care
  • Luxury
  • Non-wovens and Technical Textiles
  • Packaging and filtration

Current Industrial Challenges

Most quality control technologies offer only post-production inspection capabilities, at speeds lower than production throughputs.

TiHive is transforming the way quality control is performed. Instead of end of line measurements, TiHive’s quality solutions allow for inline measurements and analysis of production. Our systems detect defects and contaminants and measure raw material quantities and distribution on the fly.

A TiHive Breakthrough Technology after a decade of advanced R&D

We are currently developing a state-of-the-art solution based on our proprietary miniature see-through Terahertz imaging systems and machine-learning, allowing for a superior quality management. Our compact systems integrate at each production step, operate at production speeds, and for any production line widths.

With our distributed systems, our customers cut down on raw material costs, decrease waste, and boost production quality and yield.

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Monitoring and Control of Raw-Materials Usage

Process Variability is major culprit of production costs increases, especially in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) market. Variations in grammage (basis-weight), thickness, distribution, humidity levels, amongst other, are key metrics that lead to overheads in production.

Ensuring Zero Defects and Zero Contaminants

Contaminants often enter into the production lines leading to product quality deterioration, health and safety risks, and and production yield reduction. Contaminants can also break machines and reduce production uptime. Most existing technologies can detect surface-visible contaminants, but miss out on invisible defects.

Our “Invisible Contamination Detection” solutions can detect seen and unseen contaminants, at production speeds and for any width of production lines. Our technology detects metallic, plastic or wooden contaminants as well as foreign objects such as insects.

TiHive Vision and Mission