THz Equipment for Labs

We help Terahertz researchers, material scientists, and quality control engineers release the breaks off their research activities and open up new scientific opportunities using TiHive’s Lab THz solutions.

Our experts in Terahertz, optics, electronics and intelligent software have developed state-of-the-art Terahertz equipment and software for researchers around the world looking for user friendly and high performance imaging and sensing solutions.

TiHive’s Video Terahertz Camera: NECTER

With an elegant and modern design, NECTER is the world’s best-in-class Terahertz video camera designed by the TiHive team. It brings more than a decade of Terahertz of research manifested in the world’s most advanced TiHive proprietary Terahertz chips, processing electronics, packaging, and software.

frequency rangespeedpixelsconnectivity and operation
between 70 GHz
and 4 THz
1fps up to 1kfpssingle pixel,
25 pixels,
169 pixels,
1k pixels
USB or LAN, room temperature

TiHive’s Terahertz Software: TiScope

We have designed TiScope to specifically manage and analyse Terahertz data generated by NECTER whilst having in mind the various needs of scientific researchers.

TiScope comes with several native image analysis and sensing modules that allow for real-time image processing and data management.

Terahertz Big Data

TiScope enables, and for the first time in the history of Terahertz science, the possibility to generate, manage and analyse “Terahertz Big Data”. 

As NECTER generates large quantities of datasets, TiScope uses state of the art design and algorithms to helps engineers and researchers carry-out and save their experiments regardless of the amount of data generated.