Terahertz Systems

A Complete Suite – Exciting New Possibilities for Researchers

Terahertz is the last frontier of the electromagnetic spectrum. Researchers around the globe are collaborating to explore and discover new opportunities using Terahertz waves.

TiHive proposes Terahertz cameras and sources along with Terahertz software for research and Terahertz labs and quality control labs.

Our offering for the research community is rooted in two key principles – performance and ease-of-use. TiHive product development is guided by deep technical expertise in submillimeter radiation, microcircuits and AI, but also by an ever-evolving understanding of user needs. As the foremost developer of THz-based imaging systems for industry, we value making the complex as simple as possible – for PhD scientists too.

Our ambition for TiHive Research products is that they will push you, the scientist, further, enabling new discoveries that push scientific progress, while minimizing prep time. We challenge the status-quo in THz with proprietary CMOS systems that deliver stable, superior performance in small devices of unbeatable user-friendliness.

Book a consultation today to find how Necter, Polynater and TiScope can light your way through the invisible world of Terahertz.

Compact Terahertz Camera

NECTER Terahertz Camera by TiHive

Necter is an all-new family of Terahertz cameras by TiHive. Designed for beautiful, responsive, precise imaging, Necter brings more than a decade of THz research together in the world’s most advanced CMOS THz chips, processing electronics, optics, micro-packaging, and software.

Terahertz Vision App

TiHive developed a THz software suite that manages and analyses Terahertz data generated by TiHive’s Terahertz camera.

Our software application comes with several native image analysis and sensing modules that allow for real-time image processing and data management.

Terahertz Big Data

Our Terahertz software enables, and for the first time in the history of Terahertz science, the possibility to generate, manage and analyse “Terahertz Big Data”. 

Our camera generates large quantities of datasets. Our AI software manages big data in real-time, using state of the art design and algorithms. Our aim is to help engineers and researchers carry-out and save their experiments regardless of the amount of data generated.

Compact Terahertz Source

In addition to TiHive’s THz camera and AI software, we have developed a compact THz source. For more information please contact our team.