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Instant Inspection: Quality Production, Minimum Waste

Contaminants often enter into the production chains of high performance textiles leading to product quality deterioration, health and safety risks, and and production yield reduction.

Process Variability is another culprit of production costs increases, especially in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) market. Variations in density, thickness, humidity levels, amongst other, are key metrics that lead to overheads in production.

Current quality inspection technologies offer only post-production inspection capabilities, at speeds lower than production throughputs.

TiHive’s instant inspection technology allows inline defect and contaminant detection and process monitoring, at each production step, without slowing down the production lines. Therefore, cutting down on avoidable waste and boosting production quality and yield.

TiHive has developed a state-of-the-art solution based on the Terahertz light and machine-learning, allowing for distributed and instant quality inspection.

Terahertz Light: Vision of the Invisible

Terahertz waves, or T-Light, are electromagnetic waves (between microwave radio frequencies and infrared optical frequencies). T-Light sees through many materials such as non-wovens, textiles, paper, plastic and leather. Terahertz light has no dangerous impact on the human, as opposed to X-Rays.

TiHive Solution: Intelligent and Scalable

Tremendous efforts have been exerted worldwide to bring this technology out of laboratories to end users. This has been eventually made possible via the TiHive technology.

TiHive provides fast modular inspection systems. These plug&play modules embody Terahertz sources and detectors with Artificial Intelligent (AI) signal processing.

Our technology is based on mass-production Silicon nano-electronics; the semiconductor that has enabled of all modern electronic products such as the smart-phones. We use advanced nodes of CMOS and BiCMOS process technologies. This leads to ultra-high levels of integration, allowing us to implement numerous functionalities on tiny Silicon chips of only few square-millimetres.

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